Easy Play Funk Bass Lesson

Many newbie guitarist dreams to play funky bass and for that they apply the slap style. It is probably the simplest way of playing funky bass, but you need more lessons if you want to play something really funky. An envelope filter pedal would also be required to play funk bass. Envelope filter is quite similar as the wah pedal, which effectively reacts to string you touch. Almost pedals allow you to set the effects for each attack. The pedals comprise a knob that is used for adjusting the sweeping range of the note, when you activate the envelope. After it, different pedals offer different features and different sounds.

  • The set-up required for funky bass

Without proper setup you cannot play funk bass effectively. Even the envelope pedals may react in different ways. You may tweak again and again and the pedal may not produce the required sound. In such situation, you should again turn the knob in a different way and you have done. Do this experiment before the performance because problems may arise during the live show. Hence, guitarists use different envelope pedals, so it would be hard to define turn of the knob for each pedal.

  • Take care of the first beat

Meet expert guitarists and join the guitar classes, every expert will ask you to take care of the first beat. It is quite essential, when you are playing funk bass. It should be perfect and you must hit it on perfect time, whenever you are playing funk. Perfect timing will give you the best start and beat will start moving. You can take example of many famous songs, in which the guitarists have kept the bassline in one note.

  • Building a basic groove

Guitarists consider the first and the third notes as very essential notes. Experts also suggest to hit first and third in each bar to create an impressive groove. Creating funky spin is quite easy on any bassline. All you need to do is stripping it down to the first and the third notes. Do not touch any other note and hit only the first and third note. You will get more funky groove as you will play effectively with the drummer.

  • Building the lick

Of course, the first and third are third are two important notes to develop the funky spine, but it doesn’t mean that rest are for nothing. You can learn how to build the groove and then try some improvisation. Let’s try something new and better with the second and fourth note. It would be an amazing experience, when you will learn how to maintain the groove and how to fill it with the scale. Maintain your concentration on the first and third note and remaining two will preciously fill empty space.

Playing funky bass is obviously not easy, but you can become a great guitarist if you learn how to play it. There are many other tricks of playing funky bass. You can also get more details on those methods and try them to play funk bass.

Have you still wonder about Funk Bass? Consider the following trailer video below.

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