How to Use a Digital Multimeter

A digital multimeter is used for testing many things. Mainly it is used for measuring the voltage and current. Experts say, you can check a wide range of electrical and electronic devices by using a DMM or Digital Multimeter. It is a very useful device, which is also applied for testing diodes, capacitors and the transistors. If you have any doubt that wires or fuses in your home are not working, just test them with a digital multimeter. It will indicate that applied electric or electronic product is in working state or not. It is quite light in weight and easy to use, but still many people don’t know how to use it. So, here is a guide for using a DMM.

Using a DMM to measure voltage

It is fairly easy to use the DMM, when it comes to measuring the voltage. First of all connect the multimeter to its circuit, put both black and red probes on designed terminals to test the volts. Now is the time to set a multimeter according to type of voltage you want to measure. The DMM can measure both AC and DC and millivolts DC. There is no need to set the DMM, if it has the auto-range feature. If you have set the multimeter, now put outer ends of the probes into electric circuit and measure it.

Using a DMM to measure current

The digital multimeter provides a terminal with 10A or 300mA. You can use 10A terminal, if you think the current is below 300 milliamps. Put both probes in right terminals and then turn on the DMM. Now take the circuit and place both ends of the probe on two different sides of the circuit. Now you will receive some reading on the DMM. Read that reading because it will be the current of applied circuit.

Measuring resistance

It is fairly easy because you need to put both probes into the same terminal as you had put, while you have measured the voltage. Now set the knob to test the resistance. Now, turn on the circuit and pick out the resister you want to test. Put outer ends of the probes on both sides of the resistor and check the reading. The reading will be available in omega. Omega is a roman character that represents ohms.

The digital multimeter is mainly used for measuring the voltage, current and resistance, but it also has many other uses. You can test any electrical instrument by using this device. All you need to know is how to set the knob and probes. It takes only a few seconds in measuring that the device is working or not. Every individual that works on electrical devices or electronic instruments uses a digital multimeter according to his requirements. You should also keep it at home with other tools because it can also be used at home. You can test fuse, electronic devices and many other things through digital multimeter. Hence, now you know how to use the DMM, you should buy it and use it according to your requirements.

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