Tips to Picking a Musical Instrument to Learn

tips to picking a musical instrument

There comes a time in life when you are unable to decide on choosing a thing or the other. It is expected that all of you have dreamt about learning a musical instrument in life. Even though it’s important to follow your dreams but to do that, you even need to select the right path. There will be many factors which will matter and if you are thinking of being a musician, think about which instruments goes well with your talent first.

In this case, you can follow these tips when trying to pick an instrument, which is the best for you to learn.

Tip 1: You can try out different instruments

If you want to learn an instrument, it is likely that you already have a few instruments in the target to learn. If not, think about the genre or kind of music you’ll like to play or listen to. Get a hold of your friends who play instruments and give it a try, tell them to play and listen to the music, hold the instrument in the right posture which will suggest whether you are comfortable with it or not, if not try visiting a musical instrument store and do the same. If you are still unable to decide upon which instrument to choose, music school counseling events are the best option to opt for. They will make you try out all possible instruments and also give you a proper demonstration playing each one of them. This will help you a lot.

Tip 2: Consider the design and size

design sizeOnce you have developed an idea about the instruments you can shortlist, consider thinking about the design, weight and size of those instruments. Instruments come in various shapes and sizes for different age group. If you choose an instrument, which is too big or small for you, you might feel that it’s not your cup of tea and might reject that type and who knows, the rejected option could’ve been the right one? Instruments like Guitar, drums, synthesizer, etc., comes in different designs and sizes choose the type you are comfortable with.

Tip 3: Don’t let outsiders take your decisions

decisionsYou and your friends might be planning to have your band, which means it will require different types of instrument players. This is likely to make your friends force you to take up a particular instrument, which might not be the right one for you. This ought to waste your time, money and dedication, because, at the end, you will be the one at fault if you fail, it’s your loss. If they do not agree to take you in their band if you don’t choose the instrument they want, time to get a new set of friends, it’s your life, your choice and you don’t need to be dependent in order to be a successful musician.

Tip 4: Decide with your experiences, not your dreams

As you are well aware that learning and playing a musical instrument needs a lot of hard work and dedication, you should make sure you make a choice for the correct reasons. For example, if you want to learn the guitar, make sure you are learning because you like it and not because you want to gain easy fame and be the star in the lot. Remember, true dedication and hard work always pays off no matter which instrument you choose.

Tip 5: Don’t forget your budget

When picking a musical instrument, you should also be aware of the price you can afford. If you choose an expensive instrument, make sure you can buy it too. This is a secondary option as many of you, for the passion of learning the musical instrument by heart, can work hard, do extra time at work to earn it.

Tip 6: Get a good trainer/tutor

tutorIf you have already purchased the musical instrument you like, look for a good teacher who can, with his way of teaching can increase and bring out the interest in you towards the particular instrument. A good teacher will teach and train you well; more you learn the instrument more you love the better you get, the more you start liking the choice you make.

Tip 7: Practice and Time dedication

If you are about to choose an instrument, keep in mind whether you’ll have ample time daily to dedicate for practice. Maybe, practicing can increase your interest towards the instrument and it might just work out for you. If you can’t devote proper amounts of time, you should think again whether you want to learn an instrument. You can master a musical instrument only with several hours of practice on a regular basis.

Tip 8: Try other Interests

You should realize that everything is not for everyone. Learning musical instruments might not even be your right choice! Maybe, you were born to be a Singer. Give it a try; there is nothing bad in trying. It is possible that you make a successful life being an engineer, a CEO or even an astronaut, who knows? In life you cannot get everything you want, the world is a huge place with a lot of opportunities.

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